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Photo by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash

IKE Oy helps your company to grow and raise profitability. This will - in most cases - happen by increasing / developing sales and lowering costs. IKE has made a slow development in business strategy and concentrates now more to business coaching, consulting and advisory.

Innovative Knowledge Enterprise aka IKE started in 2012 as a Finnish company concentrating on bringing a creative approach to innovative learning and IKE still operates also in education branch.

Starting from 2009 a new learning method was developed: APEC - Applied Progressive Enquiry based learning with Coaching. We combined various disciplines in the approach to learning and pulled it all together with cloud software.

Coaching in APEC is based on Business Coaching principles that are adapted to learner’s needs. In addition to coaching, direct learner guidance is sometimes necessary to reach optimum learning results.

With IKE, the technology in learning is not just an additional tool. Technology is an essential part of learning and your learners live the technology - they are not just taught to use it.